The systems and services offered by Ezidebit makes payment transfers easy

and we are able to monitor all transactions of our members at a push of a button. Customer service was also a key reason for choosing Ezidebit. The friendly and approachable staff make dealings pleasurable. Jill is by far the best accounts manager we have ever had.

Ezidebit pays for itself by eliminating the need for me to chase my late payers,

giving me the opportunity to grow my business. I have been using Ezidebit for the past couple of years to take my customers' regular recurring monthly fees. I now have a rule for all my must sign up to Ezidebit for your monthly fees, no exceptions!

Thanks Ezidebit – The best business decision I’ve made!

I have guaranteed cash flow and it reconciles automatically with CCMS. Parents are happy they no longer have to transfer money or being wrangled for fees each time. More than anything the productivity of my staff has increased as they no longer spend hours chasing debtors.